Top High Paying Casino Jobs

Casino Jobs

Casinos are busy places. They make billions through gambling and customer services. Both the brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling sites get operated through some of the hard-working employees. Some of these positions are directly related to gambling, and some not. Fierce competition between casinos make these high-profile employee’s jobs quite challenging and sort after. If you aim for a career in the casino industry, here is a list of the top-paying profiles.

Director of Operations

The most responsible position is managing various casinos events like live dealer events, tournaments, overseeing business strategies, etc. Director of Operations can have other titles like Operations Management Lead or Director Business Operations, all carrying the same role. The profile requires at least ten years of relevant experience in this field. According to survey details, a director of operations receives an average salary of eighty-six thousand dollars, but it can exceed depending upon the casino.


Casino Property General Manager

Casino Property General Managers are one of the topmost positions in the casino industry. They are responsible for ensuring general operations in every venue, supervise a smooth customer service, and even hiring new employees. They earn around $290000 a year.

Internal Auditor

The internal auditor leads a team of auditors to manage the data operations of a casino. They are responsible for analysing and checking the cash follow, vault balance, and checking for fraudulent activities. A certified internal auditor (CIA) can earn up to fifty-five thousand dollars or more in a casino with the relevant experience.

Shift Manager

Casinos employees run on different shifts. Table dealers, croupiers, cocktail-waiters, and securities work as per their work-shifts. A shift manager is responsible for the smooth running of the gaming floor. They ensure that casino policies and regulation don’t get deflected in any manner. Customer satisfaction and efficient shift coordination are his or her responsibility. A casino shift manager earns around seventy thousand dollars a year.

Security Manager

Casinos require high security as its operations involve a lot of money. These establishments are a constant target of criminals and thieves. Everyone knows casinos are sprawling with guards. There are around 200-300 securities in big luxury casinos. A security manager supervises casino safety by following vigilant safety measures. If you want to serve as a casino security manager, a few years of experience as security will do well. A degree in criminal justice will be an added advantage. Security managers earn a handsome salary annually ranging from sixty-thousand to ninety-thousand dollars a year.

Casino security

Slot Operations Manager

Slot games are a separate section of its own. Big casinos own hundreds of slot machines, and a slot operations manager is responsible for overseeing the employees and machines perform well. The annual salary of slot operations manager ranges from eighty thousand to ninety thousand dollars.

Top High Paying Casino Jobs

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